Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Spy and Background Plotting

Hi all, I spent the first half of the day putting together two "I spy" type quilt tops in a hurry. One is for my son who was thrilled (seen below) and the other, which I will post a photo of tomorrow, is to be given away. The novelty fabrics I got on sale this week included some of his favorites, like Thomas the Tank engine and Cars. I used to think I would never make a quilt with commercial characters in it (a purist I guess) but when you have your own kids and see how easy it is to make their eyes light up with their favorite characters then you say 'what the heck!' lol
The last part of this evening has been spent learning how to make my own background for this blog. The one you see now is probably the temporary one that I used to learn with. I will hopefully come up with something better soon. I will get busy on that again tomorrow! Gotta go put my son to bed!

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