Sunday, January 11, 2009

Anything with Wheels Quilt- continued...

I got a lot done last night and tonight on the Tractor quilt... which should actually be known as the "Anything with wheels" quilt since I have put in all the moving vehicles that Micah likes... such as a train, an ambulance, a fire truck and a convertible and others. I fused them to the interfacing last night and traced and cut out the shapes. Today I ironed them to the backgrounds and stiched around them with a zigzag stitch on my machine. I am getting so much better now at doing that.

Here are the blocks laid out. I also have some tractor/construction fabric to throw in also. I still have 8 blank blocks left. I may put his name on them or more vehicles or wheels or maybe road. My biggest problem is that I didn't plan ahead and don't know how best to arrange the blocks. I am not worried about it though, I am glad I just did it and didn't sweat it much. There isn't much left to get the top together once I get those last few blocks appliqued.

I am proud of the stitching on this one since there were some tricky places. It's too bad the photo doesn't show it well.

As long as I was taking shots in my bedroom I decided to show the little trio of wall hangings I made once. It was quick and shabby, but I like them. I actually glued the fabric to cardstock and just tried some stuff. They are small and a bit warped.

Here is the blue and white quilt I made for my bedroom my first year of quilting. I was still bad at binding (really bad at corners that is) but I like it. It is typical of my style of cutting out squares and triangles and arranging them till I like what I have. I think I even scanned the fabrics and planned it on my computer with some graphic software. I haven't done that in a long time but I am doing it for a black and white quilt I am planning right now. It is so nice to just drag and drop a block until you get it the way you like.
Well, enough for tonight. I am getting sick and both my little ones are coughing too. Hoping for some rest for everyone now. Later quilty people!

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  1. The Anything With Wheels quilt looks fabulous. I am horrible at applique - but I am going to work on it. And I love the blue and white quilt - very pretty!