Monday, January 12, 2009

Last Week's 7 Strips

Here are the 7 strips that I meant to sew together Saturday night. You can join this group and make a "calendar quilt" with us. I believe the idea is to sew a strip on each day, but I am doing 7 strips each week. I am already afraid my stash will not last even half the year as far as having a totally new strip each week. I am not sure if others are repeating fabrics or not. I should go there and check on that.

Today has been going pretty well considering me and the little ones are all sick. I managed to get caught up with many of my daily and weekly chores and habits I am trying to start. The only one I am not progressing well with is the bike riding. I'd really love to go, but being sick and only having a small window of time when hubby gets home to go before dark and it being really cold outside have been hindering me.
Well, gotta go run and get my little girl to bed. Take Care All!

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