Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weekly Calender Strips

I am still continuing with the 7 strips a week project. I was a bit late with last weeks, my goal is to do it on Saturdays, but I have been doing them on Sundays, and this week it was about Tuesday of the next week when I got to it. So I went ahead and put together this weeks too. Here they are and then a photo of all four so far. I feel good when I get caught up. It is sort of like the scripture reading that my husband and I are doing this year (one of those read the Bible through in a year plans) I try to stay caught up and sometimes I get behind, but other times I read ahead and then feel good that I have some slack!

I did stumble upon more of my stashed fabric today so there should be enough for a few more weeks of this before either repeating fabrics or getting some new ones.
I really enjoyed reading many blogs today. It is amazing how far you can go when you read one blog and then click on a link that they refer to and so on and so on. I ended up looking at a very interesting homeschooling site and another called 'Ladies against Feminism' and many many wonderful blogs by really interesting and talented women. It is very nice to find many people who have various similar likes and dislikes as yourself. Even in far flung places. It makes the world feel a little smaller and warmer and more encouraging. Keep up the great blogging! Good night ladies.


  1. I tell people that I'm a feminist, because the origin of feminism was a woman's right to choose and I CHOOSE to be submissive to my husband, be a homemaker, try to be a good mother, etc, etc. very big grin. always makes people mad, LOL!

  2. Lovely to hear from you, Misty - looking forward to following you, too - shall link up now!
    Hugs - Lurline♥