Thursday, January 22, 2009

A name for my online shop and the first items.

Well, I have a few photos of some sewing I have done this week, but I am unable to load them at the moment as there is a nine month old cord chewer at my feet and I don't want to plug the camera in while she is watching. lol So I will post those later today...
Yesterday I did some work on the online gift shop that I am working on. Most of you have etsy shops to sell your handmade crafts which I love! This is different. I had an online t-shirt shop and I am now converting it to a Quilt themed t-shirt and gift shop! So tell your friends, maybe I can have a nice giveaway next week with one of my new products. I will keep you posted on that one. In the meantime, the shop isn't very full yet but as it has finally been named, you are now welcome to shop there. I appreciate any word-of-mouth traffic you can send my way also.

Here is the new name via some pics of a few of the first products available-
Block Head Quilty Gifts.... I thought it was a cute idea... quilt blocks, block head... I wanted something with a little humor and cute. Above is a mousepad and mug with the shop logo.

The main products are clothing of course. here are two of my products with designs I have done. The logo and another which simply demonstraits what we love!
Many other products are available including these ceramic tiles which can be used as coasters. I will be designing a set of tiles with quilt blocks which can be used as a quilty set of coasters or even a tile backsplash!
I am very excited about the fact that I can provide truly quilt themed gifts and the possibilities are endless! I will also make available the option to have a photo of your quilt on any of the products available. Also, I can personalize products too! Anyway, the link to the shop is-
Hopefully I will be posting about actual quilting later today. Have a good one!


  1. Ooops, I thought I was already following your blog...just got it done. Love your gifts. I think they'll be a real hit. I'll put our store on my favorites list also. Great job and good luck.

  2. Hi Misty...thanks for stopping by and commenting on my kitty cat and quilt.
    oooh there's lots of great stuff going here...wishing you all the best with your new venture...sounds exciting!

    Robyn xx