Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Brown Bag Quilt

This week I cleaned out the closet of the ex-sewing room which is now my husband's man-cave/computer room. I wanted to clear some of the clutter out of there so I first emptied the closet which is packed with my stuff. I found lots of fabric scraps (which gives me a few ideas) and a few of my first quilt projects which I had gotten tired of and stowed away. One of which was this one.

My Brown Bag Quilt ---

Why is it called the Brown Bag Quilt? Well, during my second year of quilting the local quilt shop had a little challenge where they put some fabric in a brown bag and you were supposed to buy it and use it in a quilt project. I made this wall hanging with it and I have always thought it was kinda garish and tacky. The funny thing is that my tastes have changed so much that I got it out this week and took a good second look at it, and now I kinda like it.

I used to like subdued tones and antique looking... sort of ... thimbleberries type stuff I think. Now I love brights and jewel tones and novelty stuff. It isn't too big of a suprise since my paintings were always painted with the brightest boldest colors too. Hmm.. maybe I will post a photo of one of my paintings too. Here is my best and favorite-

Which reminds me. I used to excell at drawing and I haven't done much of it in years. I once did a very large very detailed drawing of a train for my husband when we were dating which he really loved. Today is our 8th Anniversary and I am making a new resolution (on top of my many) to get back into drawing again which he has requested many times. It isn't that I have a whole lot of extra time to do more stuff, but I do think it would be sad to let my skills dwindle away completely. It used to be the one and only thing I could do and it was the spark of talent that took me to college and onward in the first place.

I am off to go ride 4 miles on my bike per my resolution that I haven't had time for yet this year and it is a warm day today and hubby is watching the kids, so I better get while the getting is good! Later people!!!


  1. I have an anniversary resolution too. I started gathering fabrics for a quilt, a Shakespeare in the Park pattern, when I was 15. My plan was to make it for my "hope chest" for a wedding quilt. I've never gotten in finished, only half the blocks made. My 5th anniversary is in October and I've resolved to finish the quilt by then. Wish me luck, LOL!

  2. Love your art quilt. I recognize your outer border fabric!! What a talent you have in your art work. I can't wait to see more.

  3. Love the wallhanging - very pretty. And your painting is beautiful - you definitely need to do some more of that!

  4. I like your brown bag quilt. It turned out great. And your painting is beautiful. What a wonderful talent you have.