Sunday, January 25, 2009

Door Treatments

This evening I didn't get to do any work on quilts, but I finally did the curtain for our outside door, (the only one we actually use) which leads out from the dining room. I have some coordinating fabrics to make a table runner with also to match.

While I was working on this I had the brain storm to put an old tablecloth backwards on my laundry room door (which is very close to my sewing station) Now it is a design door! I can stick my fabric to it and move stuff around to decide what I like. It isn't much space, but it is enough to do a block or two at a time. I used to have a sewing room, but I never went in there because then my son would come in after me and get into stuff. I found that I would get stuff done if I just went back to the old dining room table plan. Now my sewing room is my husband's man/cave.

Anyway, how does it look? I hope not too tacky. I think it is fun. I need to take it back off and iron it. Maybe I will also find something to cover the bottom of the door also. There is my green dining room wall that I stenciled... as you see from the other photo above I did stripes on the other wall. (covering nasty wood paneling.... didn't even have to tape off the stripes, just paint the panels!)
also... I love green apple green!

Well, I gotta go put punkin in bed. I might post again tomorrow, but we have out-of-town guests coming in for the day. I am looking forward to that and then the day after that is my 8th anniversary of marriage. I was looking forward to that too, but due to schedule changes with his job we won't be going out like we had hoped. He will be working 2-11:00 p.m. which doesn't allow for much of a date. Then not another chance for one for a week. Oh well, maybe next week will be better for some reason anyway.

Take care!


  1. Dear really have it all together. How ingenius to make a design wall (door). I havent't a design wall and it often makes designing difficult. Imagine that!! You inspire me to rethink my space. AND, happy anniversary.....

  2. Oh I love your design wall! What a great way to use a space that otherwise wouldn't be used. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Great idea for the design wall. And I love the stencilling!

    Happy anniversary.

  4. Hey! Great idea the design door! I wonder if I could cover my door too.. Did you hammer it down or thumbtack it or what?

  5. Hey, I just used masking tape and taped it around, cutting the part for the hinge and the doornobs. I am likeing it but wish it had covered the whole door.