Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Work In Progress: Tractor Quilt

I did a lot of work on the bed quilt for my son today. I cut the fabric into 12 inch blocks and am using the leftovers to make applique tractors, trucks and trains for the blocks. I then drew the pictures that I wanted freehand. I did pretty good seeing that I was in a hurry. He did later come in and name each one. (So I at least made them reckognizable! lol) I also cut out pieces of fusible webbing and pinned them all together with the fabric and the drawing so that tommorow I can hopefully take care of all of them in a pretty short time.

Here is a photo of a couple of them. I believe there are about 15 or so ready to fuse and cut out and fuse to the background.

I am really ready for bed now, but the 3 year old is still up! Gotta go work on that! Bye!


  1. Love the tractors. My son would love one, but he has firetrucks right now ...very cute!

  2. Misty - absolutely darling! My husband would love this. So cute.