Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deep Frying a Surprise

Tonight I didn't get to sew but instead I tried a new recipe as a way of surprising my husband. I knew he liked Caramel/Apple Empanadas, and we had never made them before so I tried my hand at it. I made some deviations from the recipe I found online... here are photos from my experiment. If you want the actual recipe ask and I will post it.

First, I made the dough and refrigerated it and then I started cooking the apples and caramel sauce....

Then I rolled out the dough and cut circles.... here is my secret replacement ingredient for the carmel part... ice cream topping!

Then I placed spoonfulls of sweet apple goodness into the little dough circles...

Next I crimped them shut and they were ready to chill for 3 hours....

Then after supper later... we dropped them in the fry daddy for 6 minutes and then after sprinkling a bit too liberally with powdered sugar... done!

And finally... mmmmm.

Next time- thinner dough and more caramel!!! Still pretty good.

Tommorrow, back to our regularly scheduled quilting blog!!! heheee.


  1. Mmm...looks yummy!
    Love your work and your blog design!

  2. Yum!
    We call them Apple Turnovers here...
    Yours look yummy to me!
    Julia ♥