Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm back!

Well, Last week I uncovered the sewing machine and got back to quilting! I know I said I wouldn't want to sew until fall again, but suprise, suprise. Three things set me going again. One being all the babies being born and a desire to send them something homemade and cozy, another being the fact that the festering Louisiana heat has actually let up a bit and it was gorgeously cool outside for several days. Today was nasty as usual, but don't worry- I am planning to keep up the good work for a little while longer. Maybe I can actually keep it up permanantly this time with a few breaks of course.

I have about 5 girl baby quilts to work on and I am going to try to make most of them from one large set of fabric that I just aquired. It is from the Objects of Affection line. I will post photos soon. Just wanted to go ahead and say that I did something! yay!

Hope you are all good too.