Friday, March 20, 2009

My Drawing Blog... where the other half lives.

Stopped back by to invite you all to see my sketches and babbling at:

This is where I will be for a while. lol

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Other Side of Me!

Hi all. Maybe I should admit something that I should have remembered even before I started this blog back in December. I have a split personality!! And the even stranger part is that the one side of me comes out in the Spring/Summer and the other comes back in the Fall/Winter.
Yes, it is true. About September I get an uncontrolable urge to Quilt and it runs like a high fever non-stop until about a month or two after Christmas. Then, it is gone. Gone I tell you!!! All the fabric is collected, all the projects stand at the ready. The to-do list is complete, all of the sewing has been keeping the sewing machine busy and it sits at the ready. Then...nothing. The other funny thing is that I keep thinking this year will be different and I go on thinking that I will continue to be obsessed all year long, but it is March now and I haven't sewed in a month already! My poor sewing machine has dust on it already and there are two babies being born in a couple of weeks that still do not have baby blankets sewn for them! ahhh.

So what do I do with all that wasted Hobby energy? Well, for one thing, my house is clean and it keeps staying that way! yay! That alone is almost worth not doing any hobby at all. I am simply enjoying the fact that I feel like a functional housekeeper and that people could stop by my house and find it decently in order. I also like having clean dishes and clothes on a daily basis. This is nice. I could get used to this, and my husband could too. As I get more into the habit of keeping things clean instead of having to catch up after piling up... I turn to my summer/spring personality- the comic strip writer. That is what I am working on now, I hope to get back into the swing of things and do more work than I did last year. (last year I was in pregnancy mode and in that mode I only do crossword puzzles and lie around like a beached whale and cry about wetting myself when I sneeze)

I am debating doing a blog about that hobby and linking to it from here each time I post. Though I am not sure what I can share about it since I am hoping to have it published someday and don't want any of it getting out. It certainly would be nice to have some support and encouragement there though, and you girls are so good at that. Maybe I will do something like that. Anyone want to read about a fledgling cartoonist?

Regardless, I am still lurking on ya'lls blogs regularly. I will get to my quilting projects when the fall weather comes again at the end of the agonizingly long hot louisiana summer. Hopefully I will eek out a baby quilt or two before then. Good luck on all your projects all you wonderfully focused people! I will try to continue posting here about whatever I am doing. Laters!