Saturday, January 3, 2009

Weekly Block, I Spy again, and Black and White Challenge!

I have lots of pics today to make up for yesterday! It was a good day full of new habits to be resolute about. This year however, one thing I am not thinking about is a diet. I know that is the usual resolution for everyone, but I don't feel too bad since one of mine is to get back to doing my 4 miles a day on my bike. I was doing so well for about 3 months until I hurt my back right before Thanksgiving and am just now brave enough to go out and start again. I did 2 miles today and will probably be stiff tommorrow, but I did it! Now on to quilty stuff!

First, my guild is having a challenge this year that I am going to participate in. I missed almost every meeting last year since I was ultra-prego at the beginning of the year and then handling a newborn for the middle part. I am going to try to make it to every meeting this year and join in the challenge too. It didn't hurt that I was super-excited about this particular one. At the Guild Christmas party, which I did actually get to attend, they handed out mystery pieces of fabric. When we got to see what color we were given they told us that we need to make something with only that color and black and white. I have been itching to do something black and white with a touch of color. Now this may not be the color I would have chosen, but it really isn't bad considering. (could have been much worse, like coral... yuck) So here is the color and the black and white fabrics I have collected to go with it. Also a fabric I found that matches the challenge fabric almost exactly!

I have been thinking of what to do with these for this project and I believe I will make a wall hanging with them using a wonky log cabin block! I was already thinking of doing that when I found this great one demonstrated on this quilty blog- It is perfect! I am so tempted to break the challenge rules however and add a red fabric in there... maybe the blue as the center square and the a red ring in the cabin. Also, I may not actually make it wonky, I am a little scared to try it!

Next: I said I would show a pic of the second I spy quilt I slapped together this week. This one is for a charitable organization that our guild makes quilts for.

Now there is this block which is from an idea someone had on their blog in which you put together a strip a day for the year. I wanted to do something continuous, but I am not sure if I will stick to the rules. Also *grimace* I can't seem to remember which blog I saw it on! I changed it from 1 inch by 10 to 2 inches by 12. I think you end up with two long sets of strips and put them together for a quilt. We shall see. I may morph this into a totally different idea.

Next: The Reindeer wall hanging I started last year and hung this year that still lacks binding. It is quilted though!

And here is one of my favorite things I have made, though it is only a small project that I did a couple of years ago and never even quilted or bound until this week. I love the pattern and hope to do a large one someday. I think it is sometimes called 'Crossed Canoes" Not sure though.

One more pic! I am on a roll... I got some good news yesterday. A friend who has been trying to get pregnant is now expecting! We were praying for them as this she had undergone a tubal reversal surgery last year to try to have a baby. We were so happy for them and I tried to explain this to my son (3 yrs old). After I told him how excited they were to have a baby, he got so excited about our own baby he decided to hug her alot! So here is the shot- ( not the best lighting but cute)

Praise the Lord for little babies and big brothers too!!
Have a great weekend!

ps. Finally finished the blog header!! Yay! Spent a lot of time on that today too.


  1. You are one busy girl!!

    Did you know that there is a black and white challenge blog? There's a link on my page. You should play to get ideas!

    I love all your stuff! I'm so coming back to enjoy. Your babies are beautiful, by the way!

    Oh coming over from Calendar Quilt Challenge!

  2. Just found your blog and I love it!! Your I Spy Quilts are great! Lots of wonderful projects and adorable little ones! I look forward to seeing more of your work :o)

  3. the 1"x10" strip idea came from the calendar quilt challenge you signed up for.