Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Green Background and the Little Observers

Well, we were home sick from church tonight so I played around with some fabric. I found some old fabric which I had sewn together haphazardly once in an atempt to be creative. I cut it into 2 1/2 inch strips and sewed them together, then I cut that lengthwise twice and took out the middle and turned it around and sewed it back in. My goal is to applique something with this as the background and make a wall hanging. I am thinking of something like maybe the word home and an appliqued house or something like that. Maybe. I don't know yet.... Here are photos from my goofing off.

I was too lazy to get him to back out of the photo.

He wanted a photo taken of him too. This is my 3 year old quilting supervisor.
And she was also watching and having a great time.
I still need to sew together my 7 strips for this week and I have them picked out already. I will probably play around on the computer tonight with an idea for the applique on this geen background.
Gotta run now and do more mommy stuff! Take Care.

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  1. Oh your kids are CUTE! I have a 3 yr old quilt inspector too and also a 9 month old fabric eater, LOL!