Friday, January 2, 2009

Busy Day !

Well, no photo today, but a few words anyway. I had fun working on the blog background last night and reading some other blogs. I ended up joining two projects. One is a strip a day project. I think I may simply put together 7 strips each week. I believe I am supposed to put them into two large columns in the end. (1 inch by 10 inch strips). I can't even remember where I joined this project either! I will have to be more careful next time I sign up for something. lol
I also joined a PIF project. Which I had never heard of until last night and I thought it sounded like a great idea without really understanding it fully and I joined. Now I find I have to get 3 more people to join as that is how it works. The person I joined will send me and two other people a homemade gift (quilted I think) within this next year sometime and I am supposed to find three people to send gifts to and they have to agree to find three people too.... so anyone interested? I need three people to make gifts for!!! (all you have to do is the same thing I am doing!) Please let me know if you want to be my PIY people.
As for the blog. I am excited about it. Still not finished with the look. I will be making a better header soon. Had a busy day with a checkup for my 9 month old and other errands, now we have my brother over for a game night... (trivia, scrabble, maybe cards) So no more time for photoshop stuff tonight. Tommorrow, a photo of the second 'I Spy' quilt and probably a photo of the fabric I have collected for our guild's challenge for this year! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. hi misty,
    you now need to take the PIF logo from my blog and put it on your sidebar, along with the PIF rules, which can be found in one of my posts. this will help people to understand that you are hosting a PIF, what the PIF is and how it works. it will also help you recruit 3 people to join your PIF. all the best.

    have a great day,