Monday, December 29, 2008

The New Year and Fresh New Fabric!

The new year will begin in a few days and I will begin sewing new projects! I am so excited about my quilty plans this year. I am through with those negative thoughts about how I will not be able to sew with a toddler and a baby to take care of. I did just fine sewing the Christmas projects and the commissioned quilt for a friend's sister.
I also have plans to make some items to sell in order to justify my fabric habit. The real justification in my heart however is that making quilts for others is sort of my ministry. Another big project for this year is to make some great CASA quilts to give. (more explanations about those later)

In preparation for the new year and inspired by a comment from someone yesterday we decided to rearrange our living room furniture for the first time since moving into our house 2 and a half years ago. With the new arrangement there is a big empty wall over the couch just itching for the "Around the Block" house quilt that I have not finished. I have been sitting on these finished blocks for about 3 years now. They were part of a guild project in which we were given a pattern each month for a year. It took me a year to do catch up work and then they collected dust. Time to put them together finally! Here they are sitting beside each other acting like a complete quilt...

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